Dad / 38 Years Old

Richard de Chevigny is the tech-loving, bacon-chewing, patriarch of the de Chevigny family. He can be found either working on his computer or chasing the kids with a scary mask on.

Richard spent the beginning of his career within the Investment and Financial Services industry specializing in Financial Accounting. He later moved into Project Management where he obtained his PMP designation. After many years of helping large corporations increase profits, Richard decided he wanted to help families get ahead and feel good about what was accomplished each day.

With that goal in mind, he became a licensed Mortgage Advisor and currently works with One Link Mortgage & Financial. Through One Link, he is able to provide FREE unbiased Mortgage Advice for anyone who is looking to buy, renew, or refinance their mortgage. Unlike most mortgage brokers and banks, he understands there is more to a mortgage than just doing paperwork. This is the single largest indebtedness that a person will get into so he works with REALTORS and Financial Professional so that together, they can understand their client’s goals in the future and put a “Total Wealth Mortgage” plan in place and put them on track to a brighter financial future.

You can get more information about what Richard does here.

There is absolutely no better feeling than to be able to help a client get into a better financial position. Whether they need to find ways to save on interest, reduce monthly payments, purchase a new home for their growing family or fix their bruised credit, I am extremely proud that I get to be the person who helps them.

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